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Varmilo VA88M

140,00180,00 ink. MwSt.

– Varmilo Keyboard
– Cherry MX Switches
– ABS Plastic Case
– Handbuilt
– PBT Keycaps

Rated 4.50 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)
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CandyKeys offers Varmilo customisation for the people who want to take their keyboard to the next level. You can change nearly everything about the keyboard and you do not need to build it yourself or spend more time replacing keycaps. Orders are going to be sent on specific dates in groups to Varmilo, Varmilo has stated that customization of boards can take up to 5 days from payment. Shipping takes 4 – 10 days to Germany. Further date information is below:

Legends Colors

You can also select the legend colors on the keycaps, allowing for more creativity when creating your keycap set. The dye-sub colors are difficult to see on some colors, such as yellow on yellow or yellow on red, please pick wisely. We can send you more accurate pictures if you contact us.

Keycap Colors

All keycaps are dye-sub printed and made from PBT material. The colors shown below can vary to what they look like in real life, this is due to photography inaccuracy and monitor settings.


You can select switches for the keyboard, the VA88M is available with Gateron switches and Cherry MX Switches, Gateron switches are a clone of Cherry MX switches for a cheaper price. If you would like to test any switches or have any info about them, we can offer you switches in our switches part of our store or you can buy a switch tester from us.



Submission date to Varmilo: 12 October 2017

Manufacturing: 17 October 2017

By purchasing this product you agree to that customised products are not refundable and do not apply to the 14-day return period that we provide in our terms and conditions.

Specifications & Features

Model: VA88M

Keycaps Installed: PBT with top prints

Case Material: ABS

LED: Yes

USB Key Rollover: Yes

Switch Mount Type: Plate

Windows/Mac/Linux: Yes/NO (Limited) /Yes

Primary Interface: USB

Dimensions & Weight: 35,26×13,03×3,43cm , Weight 0,927kg

USB Cord: Black, 152,40cm

For ISO-UK layout, please visit

Additional information




Cherry MX Black, Cherry MX Silent Black, Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Silent Red, Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Clear, Cherry MX Green, Cherry MX Speed Silver, Gateron Red, Gateron Brown, Gateron Black, Gateron Blue, Gateron Green, Gateron Clear

LED Color

White, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Violet, Yellow, Ice Blue

Case Color

Black, White, Sky Blue, Dark Blue

Alpha Keycap Colors

Red, Yellow, Sky Blue, Purple, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Mint Green, Crystal Pink (NO ISO), Milky White, Jelly White, Grass Green

Modifier Keycap Colors

Red, Yellow, Sky Blue, Purple, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Mint Green, Crystal Pink (NO ISO), Milky White, Jelly White, Grass Green

Legend Color

Red, Black, Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Brown

2 reviews for Varmilo VA88M

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I own a Corsair K70 with MX Red at home and I have a Vortex Core with MX Clears at work. When I started typing on the Varmilo with Silent Black (!) it took maybe 30 seconds until I was scrambling to find my wallet to order another Varmilo with Silent Blacks. Those switches are pretty much dead silent, you almost can’t hear the typing and even if you make a conscious effort to bottom out, it’s still quieter than some of the membrane and scissor switches here in the office. I really like the Core and everything, but the Varmilo with it’s customization, TKL layout and switch selection (especially with the silent black switches) is pretty much exactly what I had been looking for.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    To sum it up, the VA88M is a very good keyboard with brilliant build quality, especially the keycaps but with a few minor downsides.

    First of all it is worth mentioning that I got a VA88M with MX Silent Red, so one of the main aspects I was looking for, then buying this keyboard was that it had to be very quiet.
    And that is, besides the general build quality, one of the best aspects of this keyboard: it is really, really quiet. Especially compared to MX Red or MX Brown. The VA88M manages this, without loosing the “mecha” characteristics: it still feels like MX Red but subjective I would say that the MX Silents are a bit heavier to push.

    One of the downsides, I mentioned before, is that the light doesn’t shine through the keycaps: not really bad if you know how to write in 10-finger-system but still a downside.
    Another negative aspect worth mentioning here is the short USB cable and a metallic “kling” noise if you accidently let the keys “flip” up.

    All in all, I would recommend the VA88M to everyone who either want’s to have a very quiet mechanical keyboard with very good build quality or a personalized tkl keyboard with very good build quality or both together.

    PS: if you want a more detailed and/or german review you can find my opinion here->

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