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VA88M Grey & Black (ISO-DE)

6 variants New
From 155,00 €

- Varmilo Keyboard
- Cherry MX Switches
- ABS Case
- Black Case
- PBT Keycaps


The Varmilo VA88M is the larger model keyboard that Varmilo provides out of their range. The VA88M features a very strong plastic ABS case and Cherry MX Switches that can last up to 50 million actuations. Varmilo has put value on quality and design, as seen by the slim case and the high-quality PBT keycaps. The case sits lower than the keycaps, giving it a slim look. This keyboard includes all required function keys, but no num-pad keys. The PBT Dye Sub keycaps are a joy to use and will provide any typist a perfect feel of typing. LEDs are included on this keyboard, giving the keyboard a cool look in dark light.

Category Mechanical keyboards
Brand Varmilo
Keyboard Size TKL
Colors Black , Grey , Dolch
Switches Cherry
LED Included
Layout ISO-DE
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NameVariants Stock Price
Cherry MX Brown
Out of stock 155,00 €
Cherry MX Silent Red
Only 2 left in stock 165,00 €
Cherry MX Clear
Only 1 left in stock 165,00 €
Cherry MX Red
Only 2 left in stock 155,00 €
Cherry MX Black
Only 1 left in stock 155,00 €
In stock 155,00 €