92,00 ink. MwSt.

– TADA68
– Programmable Keyboard
– 68% Size
– PBT Keycap
– ABS Black Case
– Gateron Switches

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The TADA68 is the ultimate keyboard providing a lot of functionality, great typing experience and high quality for a tremendous value. The TADA68 is a 60% sized keyboard that has crucial function keys and arrow keys on the right side of the keyboard. Available with Gateron switches, the keyboard is made to last you a lifetime and the PBT keycaps give you the best feel to each keystroke. The keyboard is light and compact thanks to the plastic case and the white-LED backlighting lets you use this keyboard in all light conditions. The keyboard is fully programmable for the die-hard programmable keyboard geeks, with this function you can set any key to any command and not worry about complicated key combinations. The TADA68 comes with its own black cable.

Specifications & Features

Model: TADA68

Layout: ANSI

Switch Type: Gateron Brown

Keycaps Installed: PBT (Top Legend)

Case Material: Black ABS

LED: YES (White)

USB Key Rollover: Yes

Multimedia Keys: Fully Programmable

Switch Mount Type: Plate Mount

Windows/Mac/Linux: Yes/Yes/Yes

Primary Interface: USB

Dimensions & Weight: 31,115×10,16×3,175cm , / kg

USB Cord: Black

1 review for TADA68 (GAT. BROWN)

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    This keyboard is incredibly good value for the money. No wonder they were all sold out within 6 hours. Of course such a product can’t be perfect, but it comes close.
    Let’s start with the cons (keep in mind I’m just being as nitpicky as possible):
    – Programming the layout can be a little tricky as the keyboard will not work at all if there is ANYTHING in its storage besides the flash.bin file. If this happens to you, don’t panic, remove everything, trash any hidden files you find and try again.
    – Some of the keys have a noticeably higher pitched and slightly louder clack, as if the keycaps were hitting the LED on bottom out.
    – Some of the legends are a little too low or too high, and perhaps ever so slightly blurry as well. Nothing major and completely irrelevant if you don’t look at your keyboard while typing.
    – The plastic case, albeit sturdy and pleasantly rough to the touch, feels a bit cheap and looks bland. I would’ve appreciated some color options as I’m going to have to stick with it for a good while, the aluminum cases are very expensive.

    Now the pros:
    + Excellent quality thick PBT dye-sub keycaps. It’s obvious at first sight that these are very well made, the edges are spotless and there isn’t any warping. Remarkably enough, there’s also zero backlight bleed, which is something I’m very happy about. They’re Cherry profile, the lowest commonly made cylindrical profile, and truly a pleasure to type on.
    + Gateron switches really are as good as they say. These are the first tactile MX-like switches I’ve tried, and I must say I am impressed. Smooth, crisp, playfully tactile without it getting in the way when I just want to type really fast. They are a bit wobbly, with these caps it’s a bit like putting SA profile caps on Cherry switches, but it’s not really noticeable and TBH I’ve never understood why people like to make a big deal out of it.
    + The compact 65% layout is superb. Fell in love with it as soon as I remapped some of my modifiers and learned to avoid accidentally hitting the up arrow when trying to press Rshift. You do need an adapter kit when buying most keycaps, but some manufacturers like GMK include all the necessary caps by default, AFAIK.
    + Build quality is very, very solid, I was afraid the stabilizers would be rattly, but they’re not at all! I’ve heard that the PCB doesn’t hold up quite as well, but if you’re not going to be desoldering your switches or something like that, you won’t ever notice a thing. The entire keyboard is also nicely light, great for carrying around.
    + Decent white backlighting that gets the job done. You can adjust the intensity or put it into breathing/reactive mode, though regrettably it doesn’t seem to be possible to only light up one key at a time.
    + 100% programmability.

    All in all, this is a solid 8.5/10 for me, and one of the best €150 keyboards you could possibly buy.
    …What? Did you just say it’s €90? Well, what are you waiting for?!

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