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Outemu Sky MX Tactile

5 variants New
From 0,45 €

- NEW Sky Switches

- Official EU Distributor

- Tactile Switch

- Sky Blue Top

- Clear Steam

- MX Mount

- Different Forces

Outemu switches are one of the more anticipated switches of 2018. These switches are still in their early testing out stage and are limited to small quantities. The tactility of the switch is extremely crisp thanks to the attention to detail by u/hbheroinbob. The goal of this switch is to carry Outemu switches are made by Gaote in China.

Category Switches
Brand Outemu
Switch Feedback Tactile
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NameVariants Stock Price
Outemu SKY MX (v2.2) 68G Sky with Slot
In stock 0,45 €
Outemu SKY MX (v2.2) 68G Clear no Slot
Out of stock 0,45 €
Outemu SKY MX (v2.2) 62G Sky with Slot
Out of stock 0,45 €
Outemu SKY MX (v2.2) 62G Clear no Slot
Out of stock 0,45 €
Outemu SKY MX (v2.2) 62G Clear with Slot
Out of stock 0,45 €