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Crystal Series Himalayan Pink (R4)

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23,00 € 30,00 €

- Himalayan Pink
- Hand-Made in USA
- R4 Row
- MX Stem
- No Import Fees



This keycap is a hand-made MX switch compatible keycap that has been made by all the love of CustomClicks in America. We are very proud to work together with CustomClicks to bring you the sweetest Artisan Keycaps at a reasonable price. Each keycap is unique and will never be the same as another, the keycap is one piece and features a red gloomy deep-space styled effect which lights very nicely on LED switches. This keycap is made to fit the R4 Key locations on your MX Keyboard. MX Clones are also compatible. This keycap looks best with LED backlit switches.


Category Keycaps , Artisan Keycaps , SALE
Brand Custom Clicks
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