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No shipments will be sent from Tuesday 25th to Friday 28th, they will go out on the weekend. Support will be available.

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We ship to the whole world, some EU countries get free shipping. Packages are sent using DPD, DHL or Deutsche Post with tracking.

2 year warranty

We offer 2 year warranty on all products. If your keyboard has a issue, we will sort it out for you in no time! We will also supply you with a free replacement board if repairs take long.

Live support

We do not bite! Need help choosing a board? Have issues? We respond at an instant or within 12 hours in German, English or Czech.


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KAM Wraith is coming!

Heavily inspired (and assumed) by the Sinclair ZX Spectrum from 1982, this set aims to have an 80s aesthetic with double colored legends. This set designed by biip is going to drop soon! Check it out on GeekHack to stay in the loop with the updates.

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keebwerk. nano

Keebwerk. nano will be a small macro-pad with a MIDI slider! It can be used with Adobe applications, music production or even movie production! Extend your control past your basic keyboard, this small aluminum input device will be available in Q4 2018!

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Box! Box! Box!

Customers have been reporting issues with Kailh BOX Switches by NovelKeys which have been causing keycaps to crack. Please be wary of this issue! If you purchased key switches through CandyKeys and there is a suspicion that it is causing issues, please contact us for free replacements! Updated Stems switches will be available!

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CandyKeys Website Launch!

CandyKeys celebrated its 2 year anniversary by launching a new website. This website is the core of creating one of the best e-shop platforms available. The website is still in its alpha stage and it will offer a designer forum, group-buy platform (with automatic easy submitting and progress bars) and an awesome news section! Any technical issues? Report it to